It’s all about the Peter Pan collar

Call me a heathen, but I’ve never been a fan of blouses, or collars for that matter. I’m sure I’m not alone in associating these pillars of wardrobe stapledom with my school-going days, along with frumptastic sweaters and long socks. Oppressive, uncomfortable and far from stylish, I grew to loathe the blouse + tie combo. St Trinians my school days were not, but I’m happy to admit that I may have been wrong about blouses.

Lately, something’s happened to the collective blouse-wearing community (which I had erstwhile not been a part of) and I’m fairly certain that ‘thing’ is the Peter Pan collar. You can style it up with a ribbon, wear it under a sweater, or even just go collar commando — it will always look good.

A few days ago I stumbled upon a blouse with a Peter Pan collar and puff shoulder while on a window-shopping-can’t-spend-money lunchtime. I was in love. I needed it.I reserved the blouse, and returned to the office empty-handed. My work BFF told me to stop spending money (but she secretly loved the blouse.) Later that day, my mother aka style adviser assured me that a white blouse is an essential wardrobe item and a very sensible purchase. That settled it. I bought the blouse.

Here it is: 

The Edwoth Blouse | Jack Wills
The Edwoth Blouse | Jack Wills


Here are a few more to whet your appetite:

ASOS shirt with Peter Pan colla
Boden Peter Pan collar top
Southbrook Oxford Shirt | Jack Wills

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