Make it rain!

Call me ridiculous, but I once vowed to never wear a raincoat unless I found the perfect pink mac. That mac, in my mind, would be transparent, high-shine PVC in bright pink, similar to one I’d spotted on a friend. This ideal raincoat proved somewhat tricky to get hold of — mostly due to the abundance of fetish wear available on the internet (who knew?). Needless to say, I had nigh-on given up hope of ever finding my dream coat — thus resulting in many a sodden sartorial moment — until a few weeks ago. I was drinking coffee and reading a copy of Grazia magazine, when I stumbled upon my dream come true! A bright pink, transparent, high-shine PVC raincoat! Needless to say, I headed straight for ASOS and bought it immediately. Since then, I’ve been praying for inclement weather, just so I can don my new coat. Who knew that true love could be found in the perfect raincoat?

ASOS Clear rain mac
ASOS Clear rain mac



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