Heist: London’s first anti-gallery

Winding my way through the bustling sun-drenched streets of London last Thursday (12th June), I arrived at the launch of Heist, London’s first anti gallery. Yes. Anti gallery.

Co-hosted by Fran Cutler, the private gallery – usually open by invitation only – opened its doors with great fanfare for a night of art and musical performance. Drinking endless champagne, we danced on the balcony and mused the outstanding selection of fine-art photography. Artists including Alfonso Batalla, Justnya Neryng, Andre Lichtenberg, Dean West and Ron Maijer showcased their inaugural exhibitions

So what is Heist? The brain child of Mashael Al Rushaid, J.Harry Edmiston and Anna-Pia Lubinus, Heist is a fine-art photography collective located in a beautiful private space in the heart of Notting Hill.

London’s glitterati — including Daisy Lowe, Laura Whitmore, Lady Mary Charteris, Jo Wood, Chloe Green, DJ Tolula Adeyemi and presenter Poppy Jamie — brushed shoulders with art lovers and artists.

In a space that challenged the traditional model of art galleries, we looked on at stunning photographs portraying the visceral beauty of the human body, and modern thought-provoking pieces.

Revelling into the night, guests wined, dined and danced to their heart’s content. A ball was had by one and all.

Here is a selection of the exquisite photography exhibited at Heist.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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