The 12 stages of being an intern

I got 99 problems but an unpaid internship aint one. 

1. Pure, unadulterated joy. 


Could it be? Your dream job! Farewell to daytime TV and endless job applications.

2. Swiftly followed by…..


Complete panic. What if they think I’m stupid? What if I mess up? What if I fall over? Oh god oh god oh god.

3.  Navigating the unknown, while accepting that you will feel like an idiot 100% of the time. 


4. Going waaaaay overboard on the free stuff and perks. But hey, a girl’s gotta eat!


5. Realising that “fashion cupboard management” = solitary confinement in an actual cupboard. 


6. Overcoming the daily struggle of fulfilling tasks with an absence of information or prior knowledge. 


7. Feeling kind of miserable at times. 


8. Meeting someone high profile and acting like it’s NBD. 


9. Reaching levels of exhaustion that you didn’t know existed.


10. Wondering whether you’ll ever earn any money. 

11. Daring to ask the dreaded question….

200_s (1)

12. But knowing you worked really hard, regardless of the outcome. 



3 thoughts on “The 12 stages of being an intern”

  1. I laughed my bum out…this is hilarious and so true. story of my life at the moment, although I’m getting paid but if I’m not feeling like and idiot, number 7 is my dance tune. lovely post, thank you so much.

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