Comments from hell: the very worst of the internet

The comments section: a bastion of democracy or merely a cesspit of hate speech? If you’re ever in any doubt about the need for feminism in the 21st century, you need not look any further than the comments section of any digital news outlet. A wasteland of pejorative remarks and intolerant invective, the comments section was designed to be the voice of the people, yet its current use is far removed from its original purpose. The sheer bigotry expressed through this digital soapbox paints a bleak portrait of humanity, but is oft highly entertaining.

Our latest project – Comments from Hell – curates the most comical comments from the every corner internet, from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, to political websites and national news outlets.

Here’s our first roundup to eradicate your faith in humanity:

1. feminism-cut

2. f-cut

3. f-cut-2

4.  “EWW. BYE.” photo (5)




5. number1


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